Tomasz "Tomasito" Pedowicz

Tomasz Tomasito Pedowicz

Just Dance Latin

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Why dance?

Dancing is a sport, a therapy, art, fun, meeting friends and new people.
Dance is an active form of meditation. It makes you forget about everything and start being here and now, experiencing joy every second. In days of slavery, dancing was the only opportunity to experience freedom for people living in captivity. For us today, dancing both moves energy around us and in our lives. It raises vibes and adds vitality.

We want to give our members something that connects people, dance attracts fantastic people who share eagerness and passion for dance music and definitely for Life .

Teaching - Tomasz "Tomasito" Pedowicz

On the London salsa stage since 2005 . From early youth involved in sports (football, martial arts, scuba diving, skydiving). After arriving in London, he opened a new chapter in his life: dance. He is now a part of the RDM Rueda Del Mundo, a group led by Fadi K - winner of the world Tropicana Salsa Open championship. Over the years, Tomasz has performed on prestigious stages of the UK and other European countries. This year he will participate in the largest salsa festivals, such as the one in Berlin, Amsterdam or Hamburg.